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Procter & Gamble

Michelle Jax, Sales

“I enjoy seeing the difference that I can make at such an early stage of my career”

“From Day One I am leading a Fabric & Home Care business with an important German retailer making up a significant sales volume. Indeed, I am responsible for growing the business together with our customer for instance by advising it on its general business strategies and on how to optimize its listings & feature frequency. What fulfills me the most in this relationship is to see my level of impact only after 10 months within P&G. I enjoy seeing the difference that I can make at such an early stage of my career. The people at P&G play a significant role in this experience. They make me come to work every day with a smile and give me confidence that my work is appreciated and important. This is the kind of work environment that I highly appreciate and that helps me learn and grow.”

An Gaumann, Brand: Marketing

“After a few months having joined P&G, I am astonished by the level of responsibilities that the company gives a New Hire and how calm everyone in the company faces challenges. I was given the MS&P responsibility after only been 1 ½ months in the company on a brand that is going through rough times. This really shows how P&G trusts and believes in your skills. The company culture allows it. No matter who you meet, everyone is very open and approachable, always giving their best to help, support and most importantly enable you.“

Marcel Knorr, R&D

“From Day 1 I impacted our products for Braun, Oral-B & Gillette by designing manufacturing processes for our devices. This enables our designers to create new innovations that delight consumer every time every day. New features are born because of my team‘s contributions.

I am working as a process design engineer for joining technologies in an agile working environment. I develop processes with cutting- edge technologies such as laser machining or gluing applications. We create the first prototypes and then bring it directly in the plant, where speed and process stability matter most. This way you can see the bigger picture while still be able to go into depths and challenge yourself every day on growing.

I get trained and inspired by a diverse team that supports me not only at work, but rather in every life’s situation. I raise the bar every day, by learning from my colleagues and teaching them about my parts in return. Moreover, P&G offers the opportunity to contribute to the cultural building. I am able to support our recruiting or build and sustain our diverse, inclusive culture by contributing in one of our many cultural building teams.

For me, this is the essence of P&G and the reason while I am in this company: Developing and master knowledge on core technologies while also mastering social skills.”

Karriereplaner - Ausgabe: WS 2019/2020