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Anna Hahn, a former business graduate, talks about her experience

What is the Graduate Programme?

The Graduate Programme is a 2 year, global career journey with a minimum of three rotations. At least one of these rotations is based in the Novo Nordisk Headquarters office in Copenhagen, Denmark. The graduate programme is Novo Nordisk flagship ‘Talent programme’. Many top leaders started their journey in Novo Nordisk in the graduate programme, including our CEO Lars Fruergaard Jørgensen.

Which rotations have you attended?

My first rotation was in the Global Headquarters in Copenhagen and I accompanied an interesting marketing launch there. Then I came to Germany and gained experience in the obesity business unit. Finally I went back to Copenhagen where I worked in the strategic area.

Why did you choose the Graduate program instead of a normal starting position?

I chose it because the pharmaceutical sector has many facets that I wanted to understand in more depth. Especially in an international company it makes a big difference to work in the headquarters or in the market. This has completely changed my perspectives. And then, of course, it's also the lifestyle that hooked me, because it's unique to have the opportunity to try different things after your studies. Living internationally and having a community of Graduates from different countries and backgrounds makes the leap from your studies to your first real job much easier.

How many rotations will I have and how long do they last?

The number and length of the rotations vary according to the track you are in. In most tracks, you will have three rotations of 8 months. In others you will have 4 rotations of 6 months. At least one rotation will be international, meaning outside of the country you start your graduate journey in.

There is no fixed plan for your international rotations when you join the graduate programme. Depending on factors such as business needs, available projects, and especially your professional and personal development, the programme managers will make sure to find a rotation for you that allows you to learn, develop and contribute in one of our 80 offices worldwide.

What role will I have in the department where I rotate?

You will join a host department as an equal member of the team. You will typically rotate in areas of the business where the graduate programme is well known and respected. On the one hand this often leads to managers trusting you with a lot of responsibilities and exciting tasks. On the other hand they expect you to deliver high quality, while continuously having your development in focus.

What were your biggest takeaways from the program?

It helped me to understand how a global corporation works, how the structures function and which stakeholders are have to be taken into account. At Novo Nordisk, I was immediately recognized as a full team member and gained the same, if not more, opportunities for my development. And that brings me to my biggest learning and that's what totally distinguishes Novo Nordisk. I expected that in a super highly ranked graduate program with over 1000 applications, I would have to adapt myself and almost pretend a bit in order to cope well with this setting. But with each new month of the graduate program I learned more that I can be myself and that this is just desired and right. And that's why I feel super comfortable today, because I don't feel like I'm putting on a mask when I go to work. I can go into the office as Anna in the morning and leave the office as Anna in the evening.

How can I apply for the program?

Be yourself and share why Novo Nordisk is a place you want to work for. What motivates you and why do you think being a graduate could be amazing. We would like to know who YOU are.

If you are a business or finance graduate, or you plan to graduate within this year feel free to apply for the program.You can find more information at: early-career-programmes/graduate.

Karriereplaner - Ausgabe: WS 2022/2023