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Procter & Gamble

Christoph Breetz
Associate Finance Director DACH
13 yrs at P&G

Why should anyone consider P&G as employer?

P&G offers the opportunity to experience full responsibility for your business area as of day 1, which will continue throughout your career. Further, given the assignment rotation at P&G there is a lot of room to develop as a well-rounded finance manager.

How would you describe your colleagues?

People at P&G are diverse in all aspects. This makes working at P&G a great experience as there is – apart from a wide range of professional skills - a lot to discover.

Have you been on an international assignment?

Actually, whilst having started in Frankfurt and currently being in Frankfurt, I spend most of my career in Geneva (Switzerland), doing various roles in Corporate Finance, Financial and Strategic Planning and Financial Analysis across different business units.

Gloria Mennekes
Shopper Based Design & Category Management
14 yrs at P&G

What does it feel like to be a working mum at P&G?

I am extremely grateful to have a challenging role in an exciting environment, still working with Top Management and on business-critical projects, while at the same time having the flexibility to care for my young daughter. From talking to mums who work in other companies, that is far from ordinary.

What do you like most about P&G?

In my time at P&G, I’ve had may different roles. I’ve been an account manager for small customers in Austria, for a major discounter chain, and for a leading International Drug Market; I’ve had responsibility for the Market Strategies in industries as diverse as Hair Care, Household Cleaning and Food; I’ve worked in Marketing and Sales roles and have even managed a major divestiture of a brand. In every role, I’ve had the chance to develop both personally as well as professionally, and have worked with exceptionally bright people. “A new challenge every day” is not just a recruiting slogan for us, it is a way of living.

Vanessa Rieger
Financial Planning Manager DACH,
6 yrs at P&G

What do you like most in P&G?

P&G has a unique way of supporting individual talent and building successful teams to lead businesses. This is resulting in an environment where you can implement your ideas from day one while having fun and being inspired by your peers. Why did you choose F&A in P&G? I wanted to work in a multifunctional team rather than being restricted to one perspective on business issues.

Roland Toth
Consumer & Market Analyst
2 yrs at P&G

What is your favorite part of the job?

The fact that the projects my function is working on are not only tangent to the “daily business”, but to a large extent also to longterm objectives. What I enjoy most is finding patterns in consumer and market data, workshops and studies to elaborate strong arguments and recommendations that drive internal business decisions.

Would you choose P&G again and why?

Yes, I appreciate the inclusive culture as well as the trust and responsibility P&G gives to all employees from Day 1. Compared to other large companies, the personal circle of influence is really wide, already at lower levels of seniority. I especially like that at P&G, employees are enabled and continuously expected to challenge the status-quo, be creative and come up with new ideas.

Carsten Kortmann
eCommerce Team Leader
13 yrs at P&G

What is your favorite part of the job?

The fact that every day comes a new challenge and there is always something new to learn. Secondly, it is so great to see the spirit and team work of diverse group – especially when facing challenging situations.

What is important to you in your career?

That I can stay true to myself and that I can come to the office in the morning with a smile and leave it being equally happy!

Elisabeth Hilbrich
Design Finance Manager
4 yrs at P&G

How would you describe your colleagues?

“Buddies” or partners in crime.

How would you describe the atmosphere at P&G?

P&G has a very warm, vibrant and accommodating environment. Colleagues are very helpful and provide valuable feedback and suggestions.

What is the next step in career?

I got the wonderful opportunity to write my Master thesis in collaboration with P&G. Soon, I will also start as a full time employee in different site in Germany.

If you had the choice, would you choose P&G again?

Yes! Certainly.

Why did you chose P&G as an employer?

I always wanted to work in Finance/ Controlling but never liked the idea of purely juggling numbers without being in touch with the product, the market and the consumer. This is where P&G is different. Finance is seen as a business partner within a multifunctional teams that provides financial leadership and drives value creation.

Frank Jacobi
Market Logistics Leader
17 yrs at P&G

What is your favorite part of the job?

Due to frequent job rotations P&G promotes a great learning culture where you can constantly develop on a personal and professional level. As an Accounts Receivable Manager for instance I focus on managing external relationships while leading a great team of accounting clerks.

Michelle Jax
Key Account Manager
New Hire 2017

Why should anyone consider P&G as employer?

P&G is coaching and training employees for a leadership career. As a raise from within company, P&G seeks to develop and enhance leadership potential in all its employees. This means that I am rewarded if I have passion and ownership for my business or project.

What is the thing you like the most at P&G?

I really like at P&G that you are taken seriously at work. Right at my first day I had the impression that my work will really make a business impact and that I will be appreciated for my work. Furthermore, I enjoyed experiencing how approachable and professional the people are at the same time. In my opinion, this is the perfect combination to thrive in your work and enjoy it.

Geronimo Cremer
Consumer & Market Insights
3 yrs at P&G

What is important to you in your career?

It is very crucial to me to have very good opportunities to develop during my career. P&G offers great trainings that help me to achieve this goal. Furthermore, it is important to me to work in a pleasant environment.

What is your favorite part of the job?

The people at P&G are great – which helps a lot given that we work mostly in teams. It’s pretty inspiring to talk to your colleagues because it helps you to come up with better and better ideas every day.

Marissa Blank
Financial Analyst Health Care
New Hire 2018

Why do you like to work in your function?

I really enjoy that there are new projects all the time. You always have new challenges from the sales and marketing teams and combining all the information from different sources to a meaningful strategic recommendation is actually a lot of fun.

What is the thing you like the most at P&G?

As an intern at P&G, you do not assist in daily business, but you manage your own project. This implies full responsibility right from the beginning. I really appreciate that I can freely decide about all project-related topics and that I am the person in charge for any questions or feedback. At the same time, I can approach everybody in the company, no matter which level in hierarchy for support and coaching. It shows how P&G is both trusting and promoting its interns.

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